Eric (Dong) Wang


Phone:  (608) 265-3784

Status: 4th year graduate student

Hometown Chengdu, Sichuan, China


Pagan-Torres, Yomaira J.; Gallo, Jean, Marcel R.; Wang, Dong; Pham, Hien N.; Libera, Joseph A.; Marshall, Christopher L.; Elam, Jeffrey W.; Datye, Abhaya K.; Dumesic, James A. Synthesis of Highly Ordered Hydrothermally Stable Mesoporous Niobia Catalysts by Atomic Layer Deposition. ACS Catalysis (2011), 1(10), 1234-1245.

Bond, Jesse Q.; Wang, Dong; Alonso, David Martin; Dumesic, James A. Interconversion between gamma-valerolactone and pentenoic acid combined with decarboxylation to form butene over silica/alumina. Journal of Catalysis (2011), 281(2), 290-299.

Pham, Hien N.; Pagan-Torres, Yomaira J.; Serrano-Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Wang, Dong; Dumesic, James A. Improved Hydrothermal Stability of Niobia-Supported Pd Catalysts. Applied Catalysis A - General (2011), 397(1-2), 153-162.

Alonso, David Martin; Bond, Jesse Q.; Wang, Dong; Dumesic, James A. Activation of Amberlyst-70 for Alkene Oligomerization in Hydrophobic Media. Topics in Catalysis (2011), 54(5-7), 447-457.

Serrano-Ruiz, Juan Carlos; Wang, Dong; Dumesic, James A. Catalytic upgrading of levulinic acid to 5-nonanone. Green Chemistry (2010), 12(4), 574-577. Bond, Jesse Q.; Alonso, David Martin; Wang, Dong; West, Ryan M.; Dumesic, James A. Integrated Catalytic Conversion of gamma-Valerolactone to Liquid Alkenes for Transportation Fuels. Science (2010), 327(5969), 1110-1114.