Mark Tucker

Status: Graduated August, 2011 (Ph.D.)

Research Area :Selective Carbohydrate Dehydration

Hometown: Evergreen, CO

Graduate Studies: BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (2006)


Crisci Anthony J; Tucker Mark H; Lee Ming-Yung; Jang Se Gyu; Dumesic James A; Scott Susannah L Acid-Functionalized SBA-15-Type Silica Catalysts for Carbohydrate Dehydration. ACS Catalysis (2011), 1(7), 719-728.

Crisci Anthony J; Tucker Mark H; Dumesic James A; Scott Susannah L Bifunctional Solid Catalysts for the Selective Conversion of Fructose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural. Topics in Catalysis (2010), 53(15-18), 1185-1192.

West Ryan M; Tucker Mark H; Braden Drew J; Dumesic James A Production of Alkanes from Biomass Derived Carbohydrates on Bi-Functional Catalysts Employing Niobium-Based Supports. Catalysis Communications (2009), 10(13), 1743-1746.

Joshi Ajay M; Tucker Mark H; Delgass W Nicholas; Thomson Kendall T CO Adsorption on Pure and Binary-Alloy Clusters: A Quantum Chemical Study. J Chem Phys (2006), 125(19), 194707.