Thomas Schwartz


Phone: (608) 265-3784

Status: 5th year graduate student

Hometown: Amesbury, Massachusetts

Research Area:

Interactions of biogenic impurities with hydrogenating metals, catalytic upgrading of biologically-derived molecules.


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Schwartz, Thomas J.; Goodman, Samuel M.; Osmundsen, Christian M.; Taarning, Esben; Mozuch, Michael D.; Gaskell, Jill; Cullen, Daniel; Kersten, Philip J.; Dumesic, James A. Integration of Chemical and Biological Catalysis: Production of Furylglycolic Acid from Glucose via Cortalcerone. ACS Catalysis (2013), 3(12), 2689-2693.

Chia, Mei; Schwartz, Thomas J.; Shanks, Brent H.; Dumesic, James A. Triacetic acid lactone as a potential biorenewable platform chemical. Green Chemistry (2012), 14(7), 1850-1853.

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Schwartz, Thomas J.; Lawoko, Martin. Removal of Acid-Soluble Lignin from Biomass Extracts Using Amberlite XAD-4 Resin. Bioresources (2010), 5(4), 2337-2347.