Duygu Gerceker

Contact: gerceker@wisc.edu

Phone:   (515) 817-3928

Research Summary: Alkane dehydrogenation on Pt-based catalysts studied by experimental and computational techniques

Undergarduate: Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara

Status: 5th year graduate student (co-advised with Prof. Manos Mavrikakis)

Hometown: Ankara, Turkey


1. “Methane Conversion to Ethylene and Aromatics on PtSn Catalysts”, D. Gerceker, A. H. Motagamwala, K. R. Rivera-Dones, J. B. Miller, G. W. Huber, M. Mavrikakis, and J. A. Dumesic, ACS Catalysis 7, 2088 (2017). 

2. “A DFT study on CO oxidation on Pd4 and Rh4 clusters and adsorbed Pd and Rh atoms on CeO2 and Ce0.75Zr0.25O2 supports for TWC applications”, D. Gerceker and I. Onal, Applied Surface Science 285(P), 927 (2013).