Mei Chia


Phone:  (608) 265-3784

Status: 4th year graduate student

Hometown: Singapore

Research Summary:
Develop an understanding about the factors influencing product selectivity in reactions such as C-O hydrogenolysis, hydrogenation, and decarboxylation.


Chia, Mei; Pagan-Torres, Yomaira J.; Hibbitts, David; Tan, Qiaohua; Pham, Hien N.; Datye, Abhaya K.; Neurock, Matthew; Davis, Robert J.; Dumesic, James A. Selective Hydrogenolysis of Polyols and Cyclic Ethers over Bifunctional Surface Sites on Rhodium-Rhenium Catalysts. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2011), 133(32), 12675-12689.

Chia, Mei; Dumesic, James A. Liquid-phase catalytic transfer hydrogenation and cyclization of levulinic acid and its esters to gamma-valerolactone over metal oxide catalysts. Chemical Communications (2011), 47(44), 12233-12235.